If you don't do well with horror movies or gory stuff, you might want to turn back now. This is what nightmares of are made of.

According to WQAD, a family in Bagley, Iowa went down to their basement recently to find it flooded. For any Quad Citizen, that probably sounds like the norm, right? Well, it wasn't river water in this family's basement; it was blood.

You read it right: blood.

There really aren't many upsides to this situation, other than the fact that it wasn't human blood. Per WQAD's report, the five inches of fluid was animal blood, combined with fat and bones.

It happened as a result of drainage from a meat locker next door to the family's home. And apparently, if the family hadn't had a functioning sump pump, the blood would have continued rising.

According to the family, just about everything in the basement was ruined, and they're actively working on a plan to clean out the blood and sanitize the space.

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