There's already enough road construction going on and we don't need one more issue to make traffic flow even slower.

I understand very well needing your morning coffee and going to a fave coffeehouse to get it on the way to work. Seriously, there's a Davenport coffee stop that knows my order as soon as they see me by now. I get the coffee need.


Please, I beg of you, if you are trying to get to your favorite coffeehouse (around Redband on 4th in Davenport is one of the worst about it lately) and the line is starting to back up onto the road, either find another way into the parking lot and go inside or go somewhere else. Do not sit there with your turn signal on clogging up a lane of traffic. 

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Google Maps

Of course, there are many drive-thrus you can think of around the QC that can cause a line of backup traffic on whatever road it's close to. I encourage you not to be that person who adds 10 minutes onto someone else's commute because you just really needed that one specific latte. I feel like I run into this problem every morning and I humbly ask those who are doing it to stop on behalf of the rest of the QC.

Is It Even Legal To Do?

In short, nope. If you block a lane of traffic, it needs to be for a valid reason, like a crash with injury. While it's not specified what penalty you could face in Iowa specifically for being that person at a drive-thru, in other states, it can be considered the misdemeanors of reckless driving and a moving violation. So not only is it socially awful of you to do to begin with, but it's also illegal.

Here's your refresher from the Iowa DOT on rules of the road if you need it. I know that coffee is extremely important but either get to the coffeehouse earlier, do a lap or two around the block until it's cleared out enough, or just go somewhere else.

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