As a die hard fan of Tiktok and content creator on the platform, I love to see other Iowans have fun and do well on the social media platforms.

Tim Gallenbeck, also known as Bearded Border on TikTok and all social medias, is seeing some huge success lately. Surpassing a million likes, and getting millions of views on his videos. His videos definitely deserve the hype.

He makes Etch A Sketch art videos. It’s a sped up video of him doing the art. He follows popular trends too. Making sketches of trends and popular characters as well. He’s done characters like Baby Yoda, and Peter Griffin. He has also done Famous Youtubers like MrBeast, and many others.

He also has a Facebook page called Bearded Border where he shows off his art, and gives updates. Tim gives those updates through videos, and also posts videos of himself working. He sells his work on his page as well.

Tim is a great example of how hard work and play can go well together. He loves what he does, and it shows. His artwork is incredibly different and surprisingly detailed for a Etch A Sketch piece.

You can check out his TikTok here. He has been growing rapidly seeing huge growth these past few months, and gaining many dedicated fans who love seeing how his unique art work is done and the amazing results.

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