Ahhhh I love the 90's! The 90's were a great time to be a young adult and are making a huge comeback.

The return of Crystal Pepsi and Zima. Nintendo has reissued their original 8-bit system (and was hard as ever to get ahold of) and just announced the reissue of their 16-bit Super Nintendo machine. The "I Love The 90's Tour" is doing well, and 90's TV is making a comeback. The only thing that would complete the 90's comeback would be a Spice Girls reunion tour.

I read another 90's fad is making a comeback. According to Buzzfeed, mens frosted tips are making a comeback and 11% of men say they would get them. I would totally get mine done again. Yep, I had my tips frosted and I would be addicted to having them done. I remember the one time though my sister tried to do them without the hair net thing and I came out looking like Eminem. Ok, maybe not such a great idea...or is it? You tell me.

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