Pretty sure the answer is NO. I have done some extensive research and the general consensus is that they are actually from Jacksonville, Florida. I am answering this question while remembering wikipedia is NOT a reliable source.


You may know the Quad City DJs from the hit song C'mon Ride the Train. They also produced the sound track for one of my favorite movies of all time, Space Jam! As much as I'd love to say they are repping the QC, I am going to have to go with a hard NO on this one. From the sounds of their music they more represent Miami Bass music. Besides, they'd be called the "Quad Cities DJs" rather than the "Quad City DJs" if they were truly from here. So, Florida gets to claim them for now. The jury is still out though. I will talk to them, and I will keep you posted. Either way though, keep your eye peeled for a throw back concert with the Quad City DJs here in the Quad Cities!

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