A round of soggy snow is making it's way through the QCA and Iowa and Illinois might need to get our shovels out.

For the Thursday storm, schools closed, several inches of snow is making its way through parts of both states, and if what's outside my apartment is any indication, it's the slushy, wet kind. It's icky and slick but hopefully this is the most snow we'll see this Winter. Fingers crossed. But as the snow builds up around your house, what exactly is on you to shovel and get rid of?


Obviously we have to get rid of whatever is on our cars. Luckily, the slushy snow wasn't thick on my car this morning, a quick brush and it was done.

But if there are several inches of snow on the sidewalk in front of your house, do you just have to take care of that?

Short answer: you should.

Iowa cities mostly require it of residents but that's not always the case in Illinois. 


In Moline, homeowners and residents have 12 hours after a snowfall to clean up the ice/snow off of the sidewalks that border the property. Any accumulation of snow that's six inches or more can be considered a violation.

Rock Island

If you live in Rock Island, you're encouraged to get rid of the snow/ice on the sidewalks on your property in a timely manner. There's not a tight timeframe.

Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act

It's also important to note that the Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act is a thing, which encourages residents to clean off the snow around their dwellings but if they don't, they won't be held liable if someone slips and falls and busts their butt on the sidewalk in front of their house. Which all of us have done at some point.

It's only going to take a few extra minutes to shovel that snow off your sidewalks anyway so go ahead and do it.

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