This week, we get to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day. It's a bit odd; I kind of thought that everyday was love your pet day! Then again, some people may not have a pet. Allow us to help you out on that!

Our newest pet of the week is Reggie. Say hello!


Reggie is a domestic long hair cat, which is a fancy way of saying he's very fluffy. He'll need to be brushed pretty often, but it also makes him the best snuggler. And for the most part, he does love snuggling!

He loves playing just a bit more though. Reggie is only one year old – at least, that's what the Humane Society guesstimates, since he came in as a stray – so he's still got a lot of kitten in him. He loves playing with dangly toys (and pens, surprisingly).

He's just $20 to adopt, so go meet him today at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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