Fair warning: our pets of the week might make you a little hungry this week. Their names are Dorito and Popcorn, and these Guinea Pigs are looking for homes!

This is Dorito:


And this is Popcorn:


Both have been well socialized, so they're very okay with being cuddled. Hold them close to you and they'll nestle in for as long as you let them.

According to Pam at the Humane Society of Scott County, they'd make great first pets. They're fairly easy to care for, and can teach kids responsibility. Dorito and Popcorn are in it for the long haul too – guinea pigs tend to live 8-12 years when given the proper care.

To top it all off, it won't hurt your wallet to adopt them! The fee for each is just $10. You can meet them in person now over at the Humane Society of Scott County.

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