I'm not even sorry for the title. It was right there. On a for real note the owners of Baked Beer & Bread Co, are opening up a brand new location and giving their pop-up shop its own storefront.

I really can't get over the title of this post. I think that it is so damn funny and it's probably not even that funny.

Anyway... Let me start off by saying that I have become very fond of the Village of East Davenport. When my fiance and I first moved here, that is one of the first places we went to check out. Baked Beer & Bread Co. was the first restaurant we ate at and I do have to say, it was very good.

What I didn't realize was the popularity of the store so if this news comes to no surprise to you, don't mind the new guy.

According to our news partner, Local 4 News, Baked Beer & Bread Company is bringing a new brunch restaurant and bakery to downtown Davenport.

The new brunch restaurant will be called Yolked. Its menu will have traditional breakfast items such as omelets and pancakes. It will also feature a full brunch bar and have private rooms and event space to reserve. Yolked will also include an indoor and outdoor patio.

Yolked will be located at 118 4th Street and is projected to open in August of 2020.

The owners of Baked Beer & Bread Co. will also give a storefront to their pop-up store, Cookies & Dreams. Cookies & Dreams is currently a pop-up inside of Baked Beer & Bread Co. in the Village of East Davenport. The bakery servers several flavors of cookies and so will the new storefront which will be located in downtown Davenport. Cookies & Dreams will add delivery options and late-night hours.

Cookies & Dreams new storefront location at 217 E. 2nd St. Cookies & Dreams is expected to open its new storefront sometime this spring.

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