I'm all ears when it comes to livng a long life. It's one of my personal goals to live to be at least 100.

I was so excited to hear of Dorothy Ellis' 100th birthday. Why? Because it's a personal goal of mine to reach at least 100 years old. I can't explain exactly what drives me to have this desire. I know one of the neatest older ladies I remember as a little girl, was my 94 year old great-grandmother. She was active, grew a garden, picked berries, cooked, cleaned and was very independent and self-sufficient. I admired that about her.

In fact, I was talking with a woman at a department store one day. When I was told she was 108 years old, I got a pic with her and asked her what her secret was.

Happy Birthday, Dorothy! Thank you for sharing your long-life advice. I'll definitely be staying young and thinking of you with each year.

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