So far, it looks like the arrival of October means the arrival of cold temperatures in the Quad Cities. Sure, October 1st and 2nd was in the high 80s, but a cold front is expected to come through, starting today.

Of course, for some people, that means perfect camping weather. You'll be able to break out your flannels, actually keep warm by a campfire, and keep a thermos full of hot cocoa. Unfortunately, you won't be able to actually camp at Buffalo Shores anymore this season.

According to KWQC, the campground is closing for the rest of the season "because of the threat of the Mississippi River flooding and recent septic issues."

It's particularly unfortunate to hear, considering they only opened about a month ago, over Labor Day weekend. It was a very short season indeed. On the upside, the campgrounds at Scott County Park and West Lake Park are still open and ready for campers.

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