As if you already can't maneuver in the road construction traffic on 53rd Street in Davenport, there will be a car wash opening on the road later this year.

It's called Club Car Wash and it will be at 53rd and Elmore, right next to the Chick-fil-A (technical address: 3035 E 53rd St.) It's going in the old IHOP. According to the car wash's website, it's set to open in October of this year. Exact date is TBA, but I can wait.

Here's the rendering of what is bound to back up traffic even more:

Can we all go ahead and make an accord to not clog traffic flow with this? Even if it's a sunny day and our car is looking ratchet, maybe move on to the next car wash if it's looking full? We're already sitting in road construction traffic on 53rd until Christ's next coming, let's not prolong that, especially with gas costing an arm and a leg.

To be fair, Club Car Wash has a lot of good reviews, which is promising (here's their website) but personally, I'm not sure it could have picked a worse location in Davenport. There's certainly a lot of traffic on 53rd for sure, because we're all stuck in it. My Google Maps commute time already turns solid red sitting on 53rd. Did anyone want a car wash at this exact spot?

However, they're not the only thing set to open up around 53rd & Elmore soonish. Hawaiian Bros. Island Grill will be opening in the former Wendy's location sometime in August.

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