A Chinese spy balloon is currently hovering over the United States and working its way across the country. It was spotted over Billings, Montana on Wednesday and is projected to fly over Illinois. It will cross over other Midwest states before heading toward the east.

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If you're nervous about the Chinese government spying on you, you may not totally be crazy. President Joe Biden and the Pentagon are aware of the Chinese spy balloon making its way across the continental U.S., according to CNN.

Spotting the Chinese Spy Balloon

Photos and videos of the Chinese spy balloon are being shared all over social media and people have their conspiracies about the spy balloon and what it's really doing over the U.S.

Others on social media sharing the photo are also asking people what the writing on the balloon might say if they are fluent in Chinese.

Chinese Spy Balloon Conspiracies

CNN reports that Montana is home to fields of underground Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile silos. Officials and many others say that those silos are one potential target for Chinese espionage.

People on Twitter are also pointing out those facts, along with where the spy balloon is heading and other important intel it might come across as it flies over.

For instance, this Twitter user shows a map of where the U.S. Minuteman nuclear silos are at. Even though Illinois isn't on this map, it is expected to cross over the Land of Lincoln.

Flying Over Illinois

According to this tweet from @rawalerts, the Chinese spy balloon will cross over the southern tip of Illinois as it heads towards the east and to the Atlantic ocean.

If you see the Chinese spy balloon over Illinois, send us pics so we can see if it has been shot down or not.

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