I hate even mentioning Christmas before Halloween but there is one aspect you need to know about because it can save you money.

Let me be clear: I'm 100% Team Wait Until After Thanksgiving. I absolutely love Thanksgiving and everyone skips over it in favor of putting up Christmas trees and decking the halls ASAP.


But beginning the day after Thanksgiving, my family will put the pedal to the metal and likely go all out on decorations. And that's the day you need to go ahead and prepare for now. I'm not saying you need to put the glitz and Santas out now, but you need to be wary of something.

I told you that you can save money on Halloween candy by getting it this week. You can also save on a Christmas staple if you get it now too.

One Of The Few Ways To Save Money Now Through December


Sure Hallo-Thanks-Mas is a warm, fuzzy 3 months. But what also warms up are our credit card strips. Booking travel, buying that $70 costume because your kid threw a fit if they didn't get it, and of course all of the gifts you have to buy because Santa doesn't have an unlimited budget.

What you can go ahead and save some money on now, according to Des Moines station KCCI, are artificial Christmas trees.

Big retailers, like Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Target, and Home Depot, start putting Christmas trees on sale around this time of October. Pre-Black Friday sales have already been spotted, like savings of up to 60% off artificial trees from nationally known brands like National Tree Company, Puleo, and the fancy one I can never afford: Balsam Hill.

So should you decorate for Christmas now? In my opinion, definitely not. But should you go ahead and get an artificial Christmas tree since it can save you money? That's not a bad idea. Stuff it in a closet or the garage for a month.

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