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Michael Flippo

Clinton's Mardi Gras parade is a go this Saturday with a few social distance measurements put in to place.

2020 has been crazy and to stick to that theme, Clinton's Mardi Gras parade will be "Out of this World" which is the theme of this years parade.

To kick off the holiday season, Clinton's annual Mardi Gras Parade will be happening this year with social distance measures being put into place. The parade will be happening on Halloween during the afternoon. The Mardi Gras parade starts at 1:00 p.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.

Clinton's Mardi Gras will go along Riverview Drive and things will be a little bit different than a normal parade. I mean, it is 2020. Officials from the Clinton Mardi Gras Parade said that residents will be viewing the parade from a safe social distance by driving in their vehicles through the new parade route. Residents wanting to enjoy the parade will turn onto Riverview Drive at 6th Ave South and proceed north to 9th Ave North.

Mardi Gras parade entries will be parked on the west side of Riverview Drive along the parade route. Instead of handing out candy and parade favors, each child will be given a goody bag at the end of the route after parade goers finish the route.

Officials from the Clinton Mardi Gras parade say that those who would like to participate in the parade this year can get an entry form which will be available soon at Clinton Printing or Gateway Travel.

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