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Cookies & Dreams via Facebook
Cookies & Dreams via Facebook

Residents of Bettendorf received an early Christmas present this year. Cookies & Dreams announced that they are opening a second location next year.

It's been an exciting week for Cookies & Dreams in Davenport. We found out earlier this week that they were in the top 10 of Travel Iowa's best cookie shops (#7 to be exact). On Tuesday, they gave some very exciting news to the Quad Cities, and more specifically Bettendorf. They are opening a second location to serve up their delicious cookies!

Cookies & Dreams originally started selling their cookies in Baked Beer & Bread Company in the Village of East Davenport. They expanded to their own location back in September to their current location at 217 E 2nd Street in Davenport.

In the social media announcement on Tuesday, owner Stephanie Sellers gave the news that Cookies & Dreams II will be opening its doors in 2021.

The new store for Cookies & Dreams II will be located at 6768 Champion Drive in Bettendorf. There was no exact date given for the opening of the new location, but we know that Bettendorf residents will have a place in their town to get cookies.

More details about the new location can be found in the social media announcement below. Giveaways and beautiful pictures of cookies can be see on their Facebook page and Instagram.

More information, ordering cookies, and more can be found on their website.

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