Lovers of fashion and cookies unite, for Feb. 17 will feature a special cookie at a Davenport bakery.

Meet Cookie Couture, an aptly named specialty flavor from Cookies & Dreams in downtown Davenport. They recently sent the cookie to be featured at New York Fashion Week and it's perfect for the occasion.

Photo: idreamaboutcookies Instagram
Photo: idreamaboutcookies Instagram

According to the bakery's Instagram post, Cookie Couture is a white chocolate & ruby chocolate (more on that flavor in a second) sugar cookie. The inside of the cookie features a fresh raspberry chambord cheesecake filling. The topping? Sprinkles of 24k edible gold leaf and drizzles of milk & white chocolate. As the post says the cookie is "hand made for the runway".

Ruby chocolate is rare and gets its unique pink color from a special fermentation process. It tastes very creamy and tangy on its own, with a nod to raspberries, which is what makes raspberries a complementary flavor profile for it. The post says that the ruby cocoa beans are heavily influenced by things like weather, soil, and their environment, like wine is.

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The dreamy, fashion-forward cookie goes will go on sale on Feb. 17 at 10:00 a.m. online and at Cookies and Dreams storefront, located at 217 E. 2nd St in Davenport. The cookie is only available on Feb. 17 and there's a limited number of cookies available so be ready to act quickly. I may or may not have set a reminder on my phone.

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