I love a good spooky road trip, as evidenced by my list of six eerie Iowa ghost towns.

The town of Rockville, Iowa has some particularly great photo ops, according to The Vintage News. One of the oldest towns in Deleware County, Rockville was once a booming center of trade for Iowa and featured many shops, hotels, and a sawmill.

Those days are clearly long gone as not much still stands in Rockville. A lone, dilapidated grist mill is perched on the banks of the Maquoketa River, looking like the perfect place for explorers to take a few haunting shots.

And here are a couple pictures of the mill, taken by Instagram and Facebook users:

If you're interested in visiting, a day trip to Rockville is doable from the Quad Cities. It's about an hour and a half drive from Davenport, and you can stop at another creepy ghost town along the way. Someday I'll complete the ultimate tour of Iowa ghost towns. Anyone else want to take the trip?

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