There is something undeniably creepy about a ghost town. The sight of old, abandoned buildings and empty streets are no doubt chilling, and since most ghost towns are caused by either economic failure or natural disaster, it makes them seem all the more depressing. They are still a fascinating part of history, however, and serve as a reminder that nothing is permanent. Here are six ghost towns you can find in Iowa, according to Wikipedia and Only in Your State:

1. Bryantsburg- Located 126 miles Northwest of the QC, Bryantsburg used to have a bank, schools, and post office, but no businesses have been up and running since the 20's. An unincorporated community, the Bryantsburg area is home to many Amish families.

2. Conover- Located in Winneshiek County, Conover once boasted over 32 saloons and many businesses, but lost most of its business due to its railroad depot being moved to nearby town Calmar in the 1860's.

3. Iowaville- Located 95 miles Southwest of us, near the Northeast bank of the Des Moines River, Iowaville is an important archaeological site due to its history with the Ioway and Sauk Indians. It is said that Blackhawk spent his last few years in the area.

4. DonnanLocated in Fayette County, Donnan was once Iowa's smallest incorporated city. It was originally incorporated in the 20's so that a school could be built.  Following a steady population decline, the last 7 residents of the city voted to disincorporate in 1991.

5. UniqueUnique was once a hamlet in Humboldt County, but never contained much more than a church, school, and post office. All that is left of the town is an illegible sign that once read "Unique, Iowa."

6. Buckhorn- The closest ghost town to the Quad Cities on our list, Jackson County's Buckhorn boasts plenty of creepy abandoned buildings, including a church and the Buckhorn Creamery, shown below.

EDIT 10/15/19

The owner of the property is offering tours over the next few weeks. Please contact him if you are interested. DO NOT TRESPASS.

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