Performances from around the globe help raise money for 2 charities in the Quad Cities.

When I was asked to emcee tonight's event I was thrilled. It's a dancer's paradise when multiple dance companies in the Quad Cities gather for a night of dancing for a cause.

D4Dance Academy, owned by Deepali Phanse, holds this event every year which benefits Make-A-Wish Foundation and Blind People's Association. Deepali gathers all kinds of dance, from hip-hop and Bollywood to more traditional dances, like Punjabi Tadka.

These beautiful styles of dance are a language of of their own, telling the stories of humanity, connecting us all. For one night, the glimmer of hope is that we are all speaking the same language, in one place, helping others, together.

Join D4Dance Academy and others at The Spotlight Theatre in Moline tonight from 5 - 7 p.m. to experience the dancing and stories for charity.

Watch as D4Dance Academy tells Living Local on WHBF all about the night.

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