Davenport Junior Theatre, America's second oldest children's theatre, is doing theater a bit different this season. You can still see the amazing productions, but now they will be virtual.

They are moving onto their second virtual production: Alice in Wonderland, directed by local theatre artist Bobby Becher. This show hits "stage" February 20th and goes to the 28th.

Alice in Wonderland involves 24 students from around the Quad Cities area. The entire show is performed virtually from stations they’ve set up in their homes and local professional theatre artists work with the kids. If you have a child who would love to be involved in shows, you can learn more about that here. 

Davenport Junior Theatre is the nation’s second-oldest children’s theatre founded in 1951. Classes are both virtual and in-person, they offer a range of artistic adventure.

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While this is the 8th time Davenport Junior Theatre has produced Wonderland, it is their first virtual production. Many are excited to see this show with the talented kids from the QC. This virtual performance will be livestreamed and available to watch for free on the DJT website.

DJT’s Artistic Director, Ben Gougeon stated,

“We wanted to make this show as accessible as possible, trying to get lots of kids involved and reach as large an audience as we can. This year has been challenging in so many ways, and we’ve tried to keep our focus on engaging kids, whether it’s by actively participating in our virtual productions, taking classes, or by tuning in and going down the rabbit hole for 75 minutes. By offering the show free of cost and eliminating paid tickets, we’re able to take down one extra barrier for someone to watch.”

If you and the family are looking for some great theater it is here in the Quad Cities. More information can also be found here. 

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