The Davenport Public Library is inviting everyone to come and join them for an outdoor movie night at the end of July. Outdoor movie night will take place at the Fairmount branch and will be showing the hit movie 'Trolls: World Tour'.

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On Wednesday, the Davenport Public Library sent out an email to their newsletter subscribers (including myself) to announce their event Fairmount Outdoor Movie Night. Outdoor movie night will take place at their Fairmount branch (3000 N Fairmount St, Davenport)

The Fairmount Outdoor Movie Night will be taking place on Friday, July 30th. They will be screening 'Trolls: World Tour' that night with the movie starting at 9 p.m. 'Trolls: World Tour' is rated PG and is a huge hit movie that is loved by kids and families.

There is no cost to enjoy the outdoors and watch 'Trolls: World Tour' under the stars with the Davenport Library and other movie lovers.

Davenport Public Library
Davenport Public Library

Officials from the Davenport Public Library said in their newsletter that seating for the movie will be available, but movie-goers can feel free to bring their own chairs if they want.

You can learn more about what the Davenport Public Library is up to by checking out their Facebook page, website, or subscribing to their newsletter just like I do.

Make sure you tell the family and mark your calendars for Friday, July 30th to be at the Davenport Public Library's Fairmount branch for Fairmount Outdoor Movie Night! Let's just hope Mother Nature is cooperative that night.

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