A pair of Midwest moms are teaming up to create the world's first fully adaptable bra that can adjust to pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. And you have the chance to help them out.

It's called the Infiniti Bra. Davenport mom Elodie Busnel teamed up with Francesca D'Arcy to create it after they struggled to find bras that could adapt to their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys.

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The Infiniti Bra has 5 detachable and interchangeable pieces designed to evolve with a woman's changing body. According to their Kickstarter, the bras have no underwire, removable cups, easy-to-adjust straps, adjustable back band, and high-quality materials.

As WQAD reports, the business has been self-funded for 4 years and now they need your help to take it to the next level. Money raised from the Kickstarter will help bring the bra to market and help continue to develop its patent-pending design. Here's how you can get yourself an Infiniti Bra. Or you can just make a pledge if you want to help them out! This is the link to their Kickstarter.

A pledge of $58 or more will get you an Early Bird Infiniti Bra. Their sizes are measured in rib cage and bust and are categorized into flowers.

Infiniti Bra Kickstarter
Infiniti Bra Kickstarter

If you clicked on the Kickstarter link, you may have noticed there's a limited number of Infiniti Bras that are available right now so if you want one, don't procrastinate ordering it. You can connect with Infiniti Touch on Facebook and Insta. Visit their website for more details.

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