Is the day really here? The City of Davenport says that parts of E. 53rd & also Division St. will reopen today (Friday).

The city will reopen E. 53rd St. at Jersey Ridge Rd and between Lorton Ave and Elmore Circle and Division St. between 12th and Locust Streets at the end of the day today (Friday).

Thank God.


We're Not Totally Done Yet Though

Even though this is the last phase of the 53rd project, there's still a recreational trail to build. The city says that single daytime lane reductions in the eastbound curb lane will happen through the winter when it's not frigid outside for work on the trail. That will be on the south side of the road between Lorton Ave and Elmore Cir.

Next on the docket is Eastern Ave. to Jersey Ridge & Jersey Ridge to Lorton Ave. That work will happen next year.

Division St. Project

The Division St. project, which started two years ago, is reopening two lanes of travel now between 12th and Locust but will fully reopen by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 23.

About the 53rd project, Public Works Director and Assistant City Administrator Nicole Gleason said in a press release:

Construction can be inconvenient, but when these projects are fully complete, motorists will appreciate a smoother ride on nearly 18 lane miles of road, sidewalk, recreational trail, and subsurface utility improvements for years to come.

Even though the work on these roads isn't 100% done yet, it'll still be easier to travel.

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