It's hard not to get mad when you're driving in Davenport with all of the road construction and closures. The worst part is that it all feels like it's happening at once because it is.

As happy as we'll be when the roads are all nice and new, it's a long road (all the puns intended) to get to that point. One of the worst roads to deal with right now is Brady Street and earlier this week, it got worse.

Don't Even Attempt To Drive on Brady Street in Davenport

It's a mess. Hot piles of broken concrete, holes, and orange construction signs litter what feels like the entire stretch from downtown to the I-80 interchange.

Obama's New Budget Calls For Major Investments Into Public Works Projects
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The worst spot is the construction happening on the Duck Creek bridge on Brady Street. Back in March, we warned you that this was coming. What we didn't know was that the 4-lane road would eventually be taken down to just 1. Why not close the dang thing? Probably because it's a highway.

Brady Street Down To One Lane Briefly

On Tuesday, our friends at KWQC-TV6 shared this photo on their social media stories:

KWQC-TV6 via Facebook Stories
KWQC-TV6 via Facebook Stories

Backed up to Central Park Avenue?! That's almost a mile's worth of backed-up traffic. Just ridiculous.

As mentioned before, the reason that traffic is so backed up is because they went from only closing 2 lanes of traffic to now 3 lanes of traffic leaving only 1 open.

The Davenport Public Works Department said in a social media post on Tuesday the reason it's down to one lane during the daytime hours only. This should only last for approximately 1 week. That 1 week started on Monday, May 15th.

The traffic/closure page says the lane reduction is so Mid-American Energy can relocate overhead lines.

Avoid Brady Street at all costs, Quad Cities. Your patience is counting on you.

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