It all started with a simple plan,

It's B100 Hours of Nonstop Giveways with Connor and JT, powered by Video Games Etc.!

Connor and JT want to hook you up with prizes on prizes on prizes!

Starting On Monday, May 18th at 9 a.m., Connor and JT kick off 100 hours of nonstop giveaways, powered by Video Games Etc.

For 100 hours straight, Connor and JT will be inside the Disc Replay and Electronic Studio playing the hottest music and handing out prizes every single hour."

Seems simple enough, but that's 4 days! We did end up having to leave and get food, and to shower. In the end out of the 100 hours. I JT was in the studio for 97 total hours. Leaving once to shower and eat for an hour, and have a picnic outside for two hours one day.

Connor managed to stay for a total of 93 hours. He showered everyday.

Needless to say it was fun, but we went a crazy. I also am pretty sure I saw a ghost. Here are a few pictures.

B100 hours

Looks like we made it. Hopfully yo were a big winner with us!

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