There's a lot going on in the Quad Cities in the coming weeks and months. The last of the summer festivals, new restaurants, and of course...back to school.

Something that I personally feel has been over looked is the solar eclipse that is less than 2 weeks away. The last time there was a solar eclipse I was in the 3rd grade. I remember the big deal was to not look at the sun. Well, I'm one to buck the system and did. Yeah me...a rebel! Then I came home and was upset because my mom had me convinced I had to eat a whole raw onion and I wouldn't go blind. I HATE onions! I sat on the front porch of our house and bawled my eyes out. I was gonna go blind! The eclipse never really happened.

If you want to check out the solar eclipse on August 21st, it will reach about 91% of the Quad Cities according to It will start at 11:45am and end about 2:35pm.

Don't forget to grab your safe eclipse viewing glasses. They are available at Lowes for a couple of bucks. Hey, someone's gotta profit of one of the wonders of the Universe.

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