It's St. Paddy's Day weekend here in the Quad Cities this weekend. We have been ranked one of the craziest places to celebrate. It seems the entire Quad Cities is a little Irish this weekend. But for some, it's also Lent, which means no meat on Friday's. If I look at my calendar...yep...St. Patrick's Day is on a Friday! Oh the humanity! How will good Christians celebrate without corned beef and cabbage? Good news...the dioceses has got you.

About half of the dioceses in America are turning a blind eye and allowing Christians to enjoy in the St. Paddy's Day tradition.

Apparently there are only two dioceses in America that have given the "no" on corned beef and cabbage. They are Denver, CO. and Lincoln, NE. Buncha party poopers right there.

Just to be safe, check with your dioceses before indulging this St. Patrick's Day, or just wait till Saturday. Just about every bar and restaurant will have corned beef and cabbage on the menu this weekend.

Kelly's Irish Pub would be a great place to get yours. And if you choose to get yours on Friday...I hear it's best between 4-6pm (wink, wink)!

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