The Food & Drug Administration has now banned something that's probably in your house already.

The week before last, the FDA officially proposed a ban on a substance they've been monitoring in your food since the 70's. What they're hoping to ban is an additive that, after studies with the National Institute of Health, they say is "no longer considered safe".

What The Ban Is


It's a super specific ingredient in a very specific thing, but follow me here. The ingredient the FDA is looking to ban is called brominated vegetable oil (BVO). The FDA allows it (in small amounts) in citrus-flavored drinks like (my love) Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew, Sun Drop, and Crush Pineapple. It's intended to keep the citrus flavoring from floating to the top of the drink.

Gatorade removed BVO from it's drinks in 2013, and Coca-Cola quit using BVO in it's products in 2014.

And Why Are They Just Now Trying To Ban It?

Why it's even going anywhere after so many years is a valid question. It's been recognized as an additive since it was removed from the list of "Generally Recognized As Safe" list of ingredients in 1970.

The FDA says that they found in recent animal studies that BVO has adverse health effects, like contributing to thyroid issues (which effects stuff like blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, and hormones).

What To Do With It

I can tell you I'll still have my occasional Diet Mountain Dews but obviously the FDA isn't a huge fan of any of us drinking anything with BVO in the ingredient list. You don't have to go home and dramatically throw it all out.

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