I've always said "Wes Jordan is going to live forever!" Well unfortunately I'm not immortal. No one is. It was a rough 2016 for celebrities passing away, and according to my Facebook feed, 2017 hasn't been to good for some of my friends and their families.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?  Someone asked a bunch of people in their 90's what THEIR advice would be.  Here are the five main tips they came up with . . .

1.  Stay active.  That's from a 94-year-old woman named Jean Miller who still goes to the gym, and she's also trying to learn German.  Her other tip is to be as patient as you can, and try not to worry so much.

2.  Get responsible about your finances.  That's from another 94-year-old named Pam Zeldin.  She doesn't mean get rich.  But try to get financially stable as soon as you can, because it makes everything else easier.

3.  Get healthy and eat less.  That's from a 90-year-old guy in New Jersey.  He says a lot of people eat because they WANT to, not because they NEED to.

4.  Take things slowly, and avoid stress.  That's from a 99-year-old guy in England named Don Anderson.  Obviously SOME stress is inevitable.  But he says avoiding too much stress at WORK is a huge step.

5.  Keep finding new things that interest you.  According to 91-year-old Sheila Keating, it's really important if you want to make it to your 90's.  But she also say LUCK is a big part of it.

Here's to a happy, healthy life.

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