The Fourth of July weekend is almost here! If you plan to head out to Red White and Boom, Bettendorf's, East Moline's, or any other firework show this weekend, or maybe even a pool party, don't bring your embarrassingly dirty car. To celebrate America's 245th birthday, Tommy's Express Car Wash is offering $1 car washes all weekend long.

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If your car is covered in bugs, dirt, gravel, dust, or whatever else is keeping it from looking shiny and new, make sure you get it washed this weekend at an incredibly low price. How low you ask? $1!

According to a social media post on Tommy's Express Car Wash (Davenport, IA) Facebook page, they are doing $1 car washes all weekend long.

Starting tomorrow, Friday, July 2, through Sunday, July 4, Tommy's Express Car Wash is offering $1 Quality washes. If you want to get beyond the Quality wash, Tommy's Express offers different levels of car washes.

The Quality wash will get you a basic exterior wash, but to really get your car looking shiny and new on the outside and inside, you can purchase the Works car wash for $19. The Works wash includes:

  • Tire Gloss
  • Body Wax®
  • Red Hot Cleanser
  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

Tommy's Express Car Wash is located at 4200 Brady St, Davenport, IA 52806. They are open Sunday through Saturday, including this weekend, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information, you can call 563-207-4877, email, or visit their website here.

Have a safe and clean Fourth of July weekend, Quad Cities!

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