As I was looking something up on Google a small bubble popped up at the bottom of my screen. It was showing the top search trends of 2020. I clicked this link, and it took me to a YouTube video made by Google.

It was an interesting marketing tactic, but it got me to watch Google's video.


This video revealed that the most googled word was "why." This video was only three minutes long, but was a recap of all the good and bad of 2020. It showed what words followed after we typed in "why." A lot of those words were sad, and truly made you feel something in one way or another.

Some are calling the video bias, and political, and that makes sense. 2020 has been an incredibly divided, political, and stressful year. It makes sense why these phrases were looked up so often.

While this video looks at 2020 and it's most searched words, it also talks about the future, and the hope we still have. It's also hard to believe how much happened this year, this video does a good job of reminding us about it.

It was strange seeing this link randomly pop up, and lead to something note worthy like seeing the words we search the most, but next time you type the word "why" into the search bar just know you're not alone. Many people are questioning this year.

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