Happy Valentine's Day! Hopefully you have someone sweet in your life, whether it's a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or maybe even your mom. (Shoutout to mine, she's the bomb dot com).

We're really lucky to be able to celebrate today with our friends and/or family. But not everyone is. There are kids all over the nation who are stuck in a hospital for Valentine's Day. No school parties where they get to pick the perfect valentines for their classmates.

Now don't go adding sad Sarah McLachlan music behind that. It's just a reminder that these kiddos might need some extra help to celebrate! Luckily, there is indeed a way for us to do that, and for free!

Local 10 News out of Miami went ahead and put together a list of all the hospitals offering Valentine's submissions for their pediatric patients. Check out the full list here, and get ready to spread some love!

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