Maybe you've seen those viral videos of hot milk being poured over what looks like giant chocolate truffle in a coffee mug. As the hot milk melts the chocolate, the cylindrical sweet truffle explodes like a delicious bomb and exposes hundreds of tiny marshmallows. They're called 'cocoa bombs; and they're all the rage.

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At least a dozen of my friends posted a similar video from a place called Sweets by Jen, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. You can see that video here. Most of my friends wanted to know if these hot chocolate bombs could be shipped. Turns out, they don't ship.

Then I noticed a few posts from Quad City area bakers who are selling these decadent treats right here locally.

Sifted Sugar Cake Co. sells cocoa bombs, but they've already sold out for the weekend. According to their social media page, the bombs come in different flavors.

🔥🍫💣 Hot Cocoa Bombs Are here!! $4 each
White or chocolate confetti w/marshmallows

Double Chocolate...

Posted by Sifted Sugar Cake Co. on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

If you're wanting to get your hands on these, keep your eyes on the bakery's social media. These are super popular and they're selling out fast.

I always think it's a better idea to buy from small business, but if you're desperate to try a cocoa bomb, you can get them in Davenport at Costco.

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