'Tis officially the season of pumpkin spice! And it seems like each year, more and more things are offered in that flavor. There's your classic pumpkin spice latte, but there's also pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice chapstick, pumpkin spice SPAM – it's really taking over.

In fact, pumpkin spice is pretty close to being more popular than chocolate. You read that right: chocolate. Personally, I don't think anything could take chocolate's place in my heart (or stomach).

But according to a new study done by Spice Islands, 46 percent of people prefer pumpkin spice over chocolate. The same study found that 66 percent of Americans said they eat one to three pumpkin spice products a week. (Which, honestly, makes sense given the wide array of options with that flavor now. Seriously, SPAM?)

In fairness, these people answered that pumpkin spice overtakes chocolate specifically in the Fall. The study asked roughly 5,000 Americans their opinions. So now we're asking you; which do you like more?

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