It may feel a bit more like Winter than Fall lately, but it's still technically the latter!

And though the recent cold definitely sped up the falling process of leaves, most trees have held steady and the colors are still stunning. Now, thanks to our listeners, we have a definitive list of where to best see the foliage in the area.

Have you been to any of these destinations?

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    According to multiple B100 listeners, Galena is the place to be to see the leaves. Cindy noted how it's especially pretty since it's "overlooking hills and valleys by the skiing place." It's just shy of two hours away, but could make for an awesome weekend day trip!

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    Starved Rock

    A Facebook comment from Chris suggested Starved Rock as a picture perfect location. It makes sense; it's an iconic landmark, with its own state park. There will be plenty of trees around. Starved Rock is a bit closer than Galena, just over an hour away from the Quad Cities.

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    Augustana College

    For those looking to stay a little more inside the limits of the QCA, Ashleigh suggested Augustana College. In fact, most aerial shots of the school are taken during the Fall it seems, highlighting exactly what you'll see. It's an easy date night, strolling around the campus.

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    Rock Island Parks

    B100 listener Stefani had multiple options for those looking to see the colors of the Quad Cities. She suggests heading to Black Hawk Park or Lincoln Park in Rock Island.

    Black Hawk Park is a renowned historic site in the area, with plenty of room to roam. Lincoln Park is similar in size, just off of 11th Avenue.

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