To all my fellow Star Wars fans out there, May the Fourth be with you!

I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 7 years old...well, more like 8 since I was 7 when I saw my first Star Wars movie in 2005 which was "Revenge Of The Sith." To be completely honest, I left the theater as a very angry and confused kid.


Star Wars has played a major part of my life since middle school, and has helped me through so much. When I hit my lows I always could turn to Star Wars. Plus, it was also something my dad and I could use as a common interest to connect.

Hobbies and a love for movies can play a huge rule in a kid’s life. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC and so many others have created an incredible world for kids to connect and fall in love with.

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While some of the fandom is seen as toxic, there is a lot of great to it as well. I still have fun seeing the new Star Wars movies with my friends who I may not get to see as often now that we are adults.

It is a great escape back into a time when life was less stressful. Without Star Wars, I would have struggled a lot more in middle school. It was my outlet, and I'll always be thankful that may dad took me to that movie in 2005 that ended up changing my life.

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