I cant stand it when I'm in a movie, spending quality time with my family, or whatever and my phone rings and It's a number I don't know. I wont answer it. If it's important they can leave a voice mail and I'll call them back. I've noticed lately the same number calling a lot from a local number and leaving a 30 second voice mail not saying anything. Clearly it's a telemarketer.

According to KWQC, I'm not the only one in the Quad Cities receiving these calls. Telemarketers are now using something called Caller ID spoofing, which allows them to change the Caller ID number on your phone.

I block the number, but they can still spoof other numbers driving callers insane.

You can put your number on the "do not call" list here. If you feel the call is a scam, contact local police.

Looks like I'll be putting my number on this list. Now my blocked list will be back to none.

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