It may seem like this construction on I-74 is taking awhile, and unfortunately, it's nowhere near over. But a lot of progress has been made, and beginning this week, crews are about to start on an even bigger portion of it.

According to the I-74 River Bridge Facebook page, they are officially beginning overhead removal.

Unfortunately, this does mean more road closure. The upside though, is that they'll be happening at night and not for very long. According to their post, closures will be "intermittent...for up to 20 minutes on northbound 19th Street between 7th Avenue and 11th Avenue in Moline."

Odds are pretty good that exiting at 7th will be harder in that case, so you may want to adjust your route when you're Illinois-bound. At least the River Drive exit is open again!

This will go on for three weeks, taking us just about through April. So, come summertime, crews will hopefully be nearing final stages of things.

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