Have you ever tried acupuncture and had this reaction?

I really love holistic health and the variety of alternative treatments it offers. I love being able to try new things without having to worry about risky side effects. Acupuncture is easy for me to understand, it's an ancient practice that has rave reviews and I know many people who have benefitted from it, raving for years that I should try it.

After a text message from a trusted high school friend turned acupuncturist, I decided it was finally time for me to try it. I have had fun this year incorporating all kinds of new-to-me healing modalities. From NeuroBioPhysics at Elite Health in Bettendorf, hydrocolonics at QC Hydrocolon Therapy in Rock Island, juicing at Fresh Blends in Bettendorf, to sensory deprivation floats at QC Floats in Moline, I figured trying acupuncture too, was a great treatment to include.

Darcie Carlton, L.Ac. couldn't have made my first experience more comfortable and informative. In her office inside Discovery Chiropractic, Moline, she and I discussed, very thoroughly, symptoms, history and overall feelings. Chinese medicine is certainly very detail-oriented and specific. I love how individualized it is.

After checking my pulse and my tongue (yes, my tongue), we entered into the room for the treatment. I had her show me the needles (pictured above), asked her a ton of questions, and then laid down for the treatment. Several needles went into both ears at specific places for my symptoms, one went into my forehead, several went into my abdomen and legs and finally a few in each arm. None of them hurt, as I was expecting it to. There was hardly a sting. You know they are there, but it's not uncomfortable.

After taking a little rest for 20-30 mins, the needles started coming out. I immediately noticed a huge difference in how calm I was. As you may or  may not know, I  seem to live my life 90 mph and have a crazy busy schedule. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I couldn't get worked up about anything if I tried. She slowed my world down and trusting the process the way I do, I knew it was neccessary.

I am happy to report the effects have been lasting. I'm calmer, more centered, my thinking is as deep but clearer. It totally felt like I had the relaxing benefits of alcohol. I absolutely loved my experience and the fact Darcie has the lengthy training it takes to be a licensed acupuncturist. I was so motivated and energetic the next day. I definitely plan on going back. I cannot say enough about how much this has helped me in every facet of my life.




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