1A passenger on a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles became belligerent and began harassing his fellow passengers after a flight attendant politely asked him to turn his phone off and place his mask back on his face. Of course, there's some video that was shared to TikTok.

"You won't believe what happened on my flight," Alexander Clark wrote on the video he shared of the incident.

The clips starts off with a man removing his face mask and screaming “Take me off, I don’t even want to go to Cali.”

Next, he tells the flight attendant “I will find your name, date of birth and address. I’ll know your social security number before I get off this plane."

He then stood up and shoved the passenger next to him and became more belligerent with another passenger who came to help the flight attendant who had the enraged customer in his face.


"Mind your business — ’cause I’ll break your neck," the passenger yells.

He then realizes he's being recorded and steals the phone, before beginning to threaten the kid recording.

Eventually, Alexander was able to get his phone back, and shared the video that's now gone viral.

The original video shared has brought in 5 million views, with a more condensed version bringing in 3.3 million views.

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