One Illinois city was recently named one of the ugliest in America, and it's one you may have never heard of besides if you have seen this show.

Despite the terrible Illinois drivers to look out for, Illinois has beautiful scenery. Rolling hills with beautiful farmland, gorgeous state parks, and plenty of adorable small towns scattered throughout the Land of Lincoln. You can't forget about all of the fun and amazing things to see in Chicago or some of its suburbs. It would be easy to assume that the rough parts of Chicago would make it easy to make them the ugliest in Illinois. Instead, one of those suburbs did.

The website, Travel A Lot, recently released an article naming the ugliest city in each state. What makes a city "ugly"?  the article says whether it's from lack of maintenance or just poor design choices, these cities are an eyesore. Travel A Lot made their selections using reviews by local residents on sites like Niche and Reddit.

The Ugliest City in Illinois is...

A small village on the south side of Chicago was named the ugliest. That town is called Riverdale. It's definitely not the prettiest place. It doesn't help that this is the town's website:

The birthplace of Angelina Jolie's mom, Travel A Lot said that Riverdale, Illinois, is not like the TV series in the slightest. The Illinois village isn’t even the same Riverdale as the Chicago neighborhood. Listen to this advice from a Riverdale native on Niche:

“Housing is terrible. Taxes are too high for what we get out of the city and it is not affordable if you are renting, especially. There is a lot of on-street parking [but] exterior quality is terrible. Now, a lot of the older people are passing away and their homes are being given to… people who don't care... making it even worse than it already is.”

Last year, the mayor of Riverdale also got in a little trouble with the feds:

Not every town has glamorous parts about it, but some have it worse than others. It sounds like Riverdale is going downhill and it's going quickly. Can the residents and local government turn things around for the better? Let's hope.

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