Valentine's day is quickly approaching; do you have a special someone to spend it with? If you're on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, odds are you answered yes. How do I know that? Science.

In actuality, it's more like a lot of math, done by In their new report, they figured out 2019's Best and Worst States for Singles. According to their list, Iowa ranks 40th among all states for dating opportunities. On the flipside, Illinois ranks 4th overall.

In one sense, this is perfectly fine for Iowans, because they've already found someone. In another breakdown of the data (there were several), Iowa ranks 46th in the nation for "share of single adults." Translated, this means that there are only four states with more people coupled up.

So if you're single heading into this Valentine's Day, you're probably going to want to look on the Illinois side of things for someone. Most people in Iowa are spoken for.

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