Think about the weather and the amount of people in Illinois. It's cold and cloudy a good chunk of the year and with the third-biggest city in the U.S. in Illinois, there are a lot of people.

Vampires hate the sun and they need human blood to survive. The math adds up for Illinois to be a great state for vampires but Chicago is one of the best places for them to roam.

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Vampires Need Blood And Shade To Live

When you're thinking about the perfect place for a vampire to call home, there are a couple of things you know they for sure need, blood and no sun.

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Those factors along with entertainment, lair safety, deterrents, and friends were considered when Lawn Love put together its list of the best and worst cities for vampires. They compared five key factors to the top 500 cities in the U.S. to see where Dracula and his friends might call home or at least take a vacation away from Transylvania.

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Chicago Is A Perfect Place For Vampires

Technically New York City is but Chicago is a very close second. With the second number of nightlife options for vampires, Chicago ranks sixth in blood centers and seventh in the number of slaughterhouses.

For you vampires needing a safe lair, Chicago ranks as the best city in the U.S. for lair safety. The more you know.

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Illinois Is A Great State For Vampires In General

Chicago isn't the only city in Illinois to make it pretty high on this list. Beware if you're in these other 14 Illinois cities. They all rank in the top half of this list.

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That's right, 14 other cities in Illinois are great places for vampires to call home. Michigan was the only state I could find that had more cities suitable for these blood-thirsty creatures.

These are all of the cities in Illinois that made this list. Any city at 250 or lower is considered a bad city for vampires:

  • #214 Cicero
  • #196 Springfield
  • #177 Champaign
  • #147 Bolingbrook
  • #109 Waukegan
  • #100 Schaumburg
  • #97 Joliet
  • #92 Elgin
  • #86 Evanston
  • #85 Naperville
  • #76 Aurora
  • #67 Arlington Heights
  • #57 Rockford
  • #41 Bloomington
  • #30 Peoria
  • #2 Chicago

For those on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River thinking they're safe from vampires, think again. Iowa had four cities on this list with the lowest city ranking at 110:

  • 56 Des Moines
  • 62 Sioux City
  • 78 Cedar Rapids
  • 110 Davenport

Watch your necks out there.

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