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What?! I can't hear you over all that noise from Illinois! A new study found that Illinois is one of the loudest states in the country. Iowa may lose its hearing by the time I'm done typing up this article.

Noise pollution is a real thing. You especially get more of in bigger cities. Traffic, people, construction, and more play into noise pollution. But what states give off the most noise? Think about where the big cities are at and I bet you will guess correctly which states are the loudest.

Fortunately for us, Zippia wondered the same thing. So to find out which states are the loudest and which ones are the quietest, Zippia ranked each state 1-to-50 in 4 categories:

  • Home size (Smaller homes are louder)
  • Household/family size (The more people living together, the more noise)
  • People per Sq. Mile (The more people, the noisier the state)
  • Cars per Sq. Mile (The more cars, the noisier the state)

They looked at Realtor.com average home size, they used Census data to find the average number of people living in homes in each state, they looked at Statista for data on car registrations per state, came from Statista, and they usedCensus data to find each state’s population density.

After all of that math and data research, here is what they found:

New Jersey was the loudest state according to Zippia. New Jersey has an average house size of 1,740 square feet, they have 1,207 people per square mile, and they have 371 cars per square mile.

Illinois was not far behind New Jersey. Zippia found that Illinois ranked as the 5th loudest state. Illinois has an average house size of 1,632 square feet, they have 231 people per square mile, and they have 81 cars per square mile.

What about on the other side of the river in Iowa? Iowa ranked as the 32nd loudest state. Iowa has an average house size of 1,550 square feet, they have 55 people per square mile, and they have 22 cars per square mile.

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