"It was fun when we were young, and now we're older" might be one of The Jonas Brothers' most apt new lyrics. The line comes from the song "Rollercoaster" off their first album in more than a decade, "Happiness Begins."

Fittingly, the album title is also the title for the tour. On September 19th and 20th, the trio of brothers – and at least one of their wives, as they celebrated Danielle Jonas' birthday on stage late in the show – made their first stops in Chicago!

They'll be back in December, but obviously I couldn't wait that long. I never got to see them when I was a teenager, so I was very much making up for lost time. And here's what I can tell you; the brothers are better than ever.

All three of their voices have matured, and they moved through the show with ease. I got to watch from up above, giving me a prime view of the HUGE crowd.

Check out some of my favorite shots, including getting the brothers themselves to pose as secret agents:

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