It got hot and smokey on her wedding day but she was cool as a cucumber.

While 'perfect' doesn't quite explain the circumstances, this Cedar Falls, Iowa couple didn't let what happened ruin their wedding day. Even if the Fire Department had to be called, it was good thing, because the bride's Dad was the Fire Captain. What are the odds?

We may never know why some seem to have worse 'luck' than others. While I tend to be more accident prone (see examples HERE and HERE), others tend to have bigger accidents and problems happen. Iowa Bride, Krissi McCollow, takes the (wedding) cake with what happened on her big day.

According to,

Thanks to the bride, groom and their wedding party, the photographer, McKaila Hanna, captured the bus fire in pictures and everyone decided to make the most of it.

I am not sure if I would have been able to keep a smile on my face after something like that happened, but on the bright side, no one probably got too cold standing next to the bus during the winter wedding, right? Nothing like having Dad put out the flames on your wedding day (j/k). I could go on with the jokes and puns, but I digress. I'm just happy everyone was safe and kept such an awesome attitude. No doubt, it was a unforgettable day.

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