You might see small yellow lines in your yard if you're doing a house project and need to know where lines are buried. But if you find small, bright yellow lines in your yard, especially moving ones., it isn't a good thing.

Before you bend down to take a closer look, you'll want to know what those slithering yellow lines are and why you should run away as fast as possible.


These little yellow lines also could have a different smell to them. If you're smelling cucumbers, you definitely need to get out of there because that yellow tail isn't happy.

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Baby Copperheads Unique Yellow Feature

Just like Illinois, copperheads are a poisonous snake that is native to Iowa. According to the Iowa DNR, copperhead snakes are one of 4 venomous snakes in the state. They range from 24 to 26 inches long. These snakes are active during the day in the spring and fall and become nocturnal during the hot summer months.

Before copperheads become mature snakes, mother copperheads give birth in Iowa typically in the springtime, and can produce up to 14 baby copperheads. Baby copperhead snakes have something unique that helps you know where they are: a bright yellow tail.

attachment-Baby Copperhead Snake

As you can see above, that angry baby copperhead has that yellow-tipped tail. If you see that slithering in your yard, run away because you have venomous snakes.

Copperheads Are Really Rare In Iowa Which Is Great News

Although they are native to the state of Iowa, copperhead snakes are the rarest snake in the state.

According to, copperhead snakes are only found in southeast Iowa which is a little too close to home in the Quad Cities. Only four counties in the area have reported copperhead snakes including Davis, Van Buren, Lee, and Des Moines.

attachment-Iowa Copperhead Snke

Even though copperheads are rare, still keep an eye out for them, especially near bodies of water like the Mississippi River.

Other Places To Look For Small, Bright Yellow Stripes

If you plan to do any hiking or exploring in forests in southeastern Iowa or parts of Illinois, make sure you're aware that baby copperhead snakes and their parents could be lurking.

Four happy friends enjoy a hike in a forest, California, USA

Wear good shoes and pants to protect yourself. Try hiking when it's hotter outside since copperheads become nocturnal in the summer.

Stay safe out there!

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