You know the universe wants you to write an article when you keep following the same person who doesn't know where to put their license plate stickers. I was following a van on Kimberly last weekend when I noticed they had their past license plate stickers all over the place.


I don't mean just in each of the four corners, I mean they were in the middle covering the letters. I instantly looked up if that legal or not in Iowa and it turns out you can't be all willy-nilly with your license plate stickers in Iowa.

Iowa, stop putting your license plate stickers wherever you want


Yes, I did take a photo of the person on Kimberly with their stickers in a really illegal spot, but let me show your the B100 truck's license plate first. To the past radio DJs, thanks commiting a crime for not putting a sticker in the one spot where it has always gone.

The State of Iowa not only tells you on their website where to put your license plate stickers, but they also created a gray box to help you even more.

Iowa Tax and Tags
Iowa Tax and Tags

Here are the rules when putting your license plate sticker on in Iowa

  1. For a large Iowa Standard License plate, place the Registration Renewal Sticker (license plate sticker) in the bottom, left corner of the rear license plate.

Can I get in trouble for putting my Iowa license plate stickers somewhere else?

Yes, you definitely can. Especially if you're covering up parts of the letter and/or numbers on your plate like this van I was following. If this is your van, you're welcome for blurring out the letters and wash your dang vehicle.

attachment-Iowa License Plate

According to GRL Law, you can get pulled over and a citation for having your license plate stickers in the wrong spot in Iowa.

Iowa Code section 761-400.53(1)(321) literally tells your where to put your sticker and where there are expections to the rules. Is an Iowa law enforcement officer going to pull you over? Probably not. Can they? Yep.

Don't make Iowa police be a stickler, properly place your sticker.

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