After a long night going hard at a local adult establishment, where is the best place to get "drunk food?" Exactly...Taco Bell!

According to WQAD, Taco Bell is adding 300 new locations, but something will be missing...the drive-thru! How are we supposed to get out "drunk food" on if there's no drive-thru? What Taco Bell takes away, they giveth.

Taco Bell plans on making those 300 new locations "cantina style." That means they will serve wine, beer and spirits. (Record scratch sound effect) Wait, what? There is a god!

There are seven "cantina" locations open right now, one of which is in Las Vegas and another in Chicago. The "cantina" locations are mostly planned for urban areas and will open by 2022. No word on if we will have one in the Quad Cities. Who do I need to call about this?

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